About Us

Kamala Home is the “creative product” division of Interior Design Firm, Design Solutions, with headquarters in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Over the last decade, Design Solutions has delighted an international array of clients with thoughtful and personal interior designs for their main residences, vacation homes, offices, destination restaurants, and boutique hotels. Design Solutions is now making their stylish and unique home softgoods, accessories, and furniture available through the Kamala Home brand.

Kamala Home offers a range of luxury soft goods, including decorative pillows, throws, bed & table runners, and placemats — along with home accessories and custom furniture. The concept behind Kamala Home softgoods is to create “suites” of coordinated items that are contemporary and artisan. Decorative pilllow groupings, accessory items, and custom furniture have been expertly mixed and matched to create a pulled-together look for your home or office. The stylish results give the impression that an Interior Designer personally attended to your own home.

The Kamala Home Boutique Showroom and Furniture Studio are located in the vibrant Ubud Palace neighborhood of Central Ubud, Bali. Two adjacent courtyard townhouses have been renovated into a gracious Kamala Home Boutique and a Kamala Home Furniture Studio. Shopping in these showrooms is “experiential” in that you see the items and collections in a home-like environment. This curated presentation makes it easy to imagine how the items could look in your own living environment.

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